First Blog Ever!!

HI! HI! HI! this is my first blog post like... ever. just as a warning there are def going to be grammar mistakes and capitalization errors but who has time to check if a word is capitalized or not?? no english proffessors are going to read this anyways.. at least they shouldn't. i wonder a lot who the type of people on this website even are. my guess is bored teens/young adults and then those older people who check in for nostalgia from when geocities was a thing. i'm one of those bored teens who's grounded for the next 6 months... no phone either lol. i have work 4-5 days a week though so at least i'm not completely stuck at home doing nothing. today i just listened to crystal castles all day, pet my ADORABLE cats, read some books on the russian revolution (that i barely even understood half of), and tried making this stupid website thing presentable. like practically all day i was just messing with html and css and all of that stuff. anywaaaays back on topic... why am i even grounded for 6 MONTHS u are prob wondering. well okay its a long story.. basicallyyy my parents hate the way i dress. they call it "homeless" i call it CHIC. (LOL) Some lowrise baggy jeans and lace tanktops with a bunch of necklackes and some platform black shoes... they HATE IT! they even tried throwing out my clothes (that i just keep buying from thrift stores and stuff) and they like try to force me to wear skinny jeans and these old 2016 flower print shirts. sorry dad but theres no way you're forcing me to dress like i'm a middle schooler in 2016 or something... so basic, so generic, so 2016. it's like hes trying to revive the christian girl autumn through me LOL. some random people started taking pictures of me in short skirts at school and send it to my dad.... so not cool. imagine being that weird like what??? so my dad took my phone originally for two weeks but then he looked through it entirely and wellll lol... i think you know where the story goes from here. he found things he didnt like, an example is my instagram account that i blocked him on and used regularly. (HES A SUPER CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN BTW) So now I'm stuck with parents yelling at me everytime i come home, kids taking pictures of me at school and sending it to him, and no phone. i mainly use this old computer. i guess this is what i'm stuck with for the next likeee 6 months. but its ok cause it's not like i ever had trust with my parents anyways. he can also see what joins the internet so it's not like i can get a new phone or something because he will see it connect to the network. i just want to dress the way i want :( how am i old enough to work at a fast food place and make money and all of that but not old enough to dress myself?? it's so stupid because i could be crying over so many other things that my dad has done to me, but taking away what i love most (CLOTHES) is what i choose to be upset about, like srsly???out of everything that has happened THATS what i choose to go crazy over??? it's okay though because i have this new blog to look forward to. please dont be weird and make me regret this. love u all :)