BEACHY [insert palm tree emoji here]

HELLO! now you are probably wondering, why beach background? Its the middle of mothereffing march its raining its gross outside and the flowers r not even blooming yet. FOR ME ITS SUMMER. on friday i didnt go to school and instead went with my friend and played volleyball all day. LIKE ALL DAY. at first we were at my house in the backyard and then we made smoothies (so yummy) and then i biked with him to a nearby park to play on a beach volleyball court thingy. it was SM FUN and we ate slim jims and arizona iced tea and jolly rancher gummies NICE. friday was the only nice weather day outside it was hot and sunny so why TF would i not be outside all day????? i came home at dark and my dad was like WHERE WEREU !!!! and i was like. SORRY DAD BUT I GOT U A SLIM JIM!!! and i gave him one and he was normal again. also i am getting better at volleyball like so much i want to try out for the team next season. i hvae bruises all over my arms now from volleyball but its fun and i like playing volley ball a LOT and soccer i love soccer. it was SO HOT outside that i literally wore a bikini top and shorts everywhere (it was literally so so so hot it was summer weather likeeee RLY HOT outside okay) but yeah! also my drain gang concert is in 5... 4... 3.. 2 TWO MORE DAYS???!!!! I AM FLYING OUT TO ATLANTA IN TWO DAYS. why is my mom doing this for me i dont understand! i love my mom wow. i will be missing three days of school (oh no +3 days to the 1000000000000 absents i have!) and i will be in this fancy ass sky scraper looking glass hotel... it LIGHTS UP PURPLE AT NIGH^ LOLOL and it has an indoor spa???? and a rooftop pool??? and like 1800s style luxury dining with weird curvy sofas and like wallpaper stuff???? WHAT? im going to the drain gang concert with my mom... IDFK! i think she will like it maybe? im so excited though this is really good.i dont know why my mom put so much effort and money into this, maybe its because i almost ran away like a couple days agoo........ dude im doing bad okay i think ive said this like 5 times but i dont know what esle to say. doing not good. but NOW I AM! cant be doing THAT bad if im in a mf luxury hotel spa... and im doing better without internet validation from instagram (i took a break from socials) because i feel less like everyone is watching me all the time. which i HATE that feeling. with social media i feel like people are constantly judging me and constantly watching me and constantly perceiving me and i hate that. i dont want people to see me becuz i feel like they will see me as bad or ugly or weird. but im forcing myself to come back to instagram so i can post about the luxury hotel and the drain gang concert so i can assert that i am better than EVERYONE at my school while they are stuck in class doing midterms ;D (JOKING!)