NEW ERA. i am done holding back. hey guess what! i have been holding back likeeeee every single thought ive ever had for this stupid blog so u stupid little people in my computer thought i was at least sane well no fuck u all of u suck and i know im going to be judged regardless and cancelled and idc idc idc idc idc idc OK So. 1 hour ago i was with my friend (ya the one i trusted my life with) we wanted to go in the lunch line to get the strabewrry whipped cream they had. THEY RAN OUT. welllll we were waiting in the huge line forever anyways (that we cut half of lol) and got a chicken sandwhich anyways. IT WAS SO GOOD. we both felt bad and attempted to throw it up in the bathroom anyways loooooooooooolz. now that friend is looking up vids on twitter of someone eating their own raw flesh while im doing a health project on OCD OMFG OMF G OKMFG THE VIDS ON THEIZR SCREEN MAKE ME WANT TO DIEEE i couldnt feel my fingers for like a second. anyways law class in 20 mins! also i am so scared of getting fat like so so so scared i feel like people are wishing it onto me and i am reading a joan didion book lol mental illness woman writing about the doors and random essays about her life soooo fun. alsoi am getting therapy soon my moms trying to get it through like the medicaid thing i have buuuuut its tasking forever becausing doing ANY government provided service takes forever. im scared! als oshe doesnt believe in meds and think they like do really bad stuff to u and brainwash u and maybe iagree maybe i dont maybe i need meds i dont care she wouldnt let me take them anyways also i bought a 180$ swimsuit........wtf am i doing!! its suuuper cute though AND it sold out in like 20 minutes and its a gigi hadid exclusive line so am i really losing here.. yeah i am CAPITALISM SUCKS amirite guys capitialsim is why we are all depressed right!!!!! capitalism suuuuuuucks! omg capitalism is the reasonwhy i dont want to be fat because most clothes are not plus size and more available clothes in my size = me buying more = capitalism profits. capitalism is the reason fat people exist and capitalism is the reason war exists and capitalism is why people die and why people hsvr bad grades and why books are boring and too long to read and capitalism is the reason whhy you -BEEEEEP- lol i deleted that segment its so bad. ill be honest ill never do meth or drugs or anything because im going to be ugly if i do just lioke all of the other druggies on skid row in LA scratching their inner arms begging for another needle. i dont want to have my eyes sunken in and my eyeballs sticking out like a fish and my bones breaking down and sticking out of the globs of fat sandwhiched between my skin on my arms from herion abuse. i am not going to become ugly because im a little sad.this is so much lol i am so evil liek this is actually not what a good person would do and its not cool. also can we talk abt how i hate acne on boys backs ewww like small cherry tomatoes sizzling like peporonis on their backs popping like boiled grapes fermenting in the sun(and capitalism duuuh!!!!!CAPTIALSIMS SUCKS AND ITS THYE REAOSN WHY I CANT DRINK MILKSHAKES (too many calories)) this is suchn a gross entry stop lookinjg at the car crash