INTRO: hi hi hi hi ih hihiihih blog this is going to be
lioke two girls sitting bored SO BOREDDD
just being bloggy blogginhg babiesLOL plz anyways
yea the person writing this is ME and evie is mny friend
evie who will be typing for evie blab laahablaaahhh

EVIE: hey babes whats cooking good looking? anyways, were in this robotics club doing programming bc we r sooo hot and smart
like harvard is literally begging for us everyday but we just too good for this world LOLZ. also we r soo muscular while everyone else
in the club is baby muscle we work out 24hr per min and its kinda sad to see people who dont understand the grind mindset :sad emoji:

ME: evie thats sooooo true, this roblotics thing is like suuuuch a drag and not a drag race but the bad 1. also these men are so cfonfusing
andf they keep using big words like wtf do u mean "logisitics" like talk simple ur NOT A ROBOT. unless they are. which they r. maybe.
yassss me and evie working out! skinny queens that have a lower BMI than everyones in this room, sorry not sorry #alwayswinning.
this robotics cliub meeting is 2 hours after school and yet it feels like its lasted longer since when i was in 2nd fucking grade.
#Ugh also being basically the only women here is so weird like im talking and they just talk over us or not even listen to us,
like bruh stop we ARE better than u...
the main leader literally uses an android tablet to code... LIKE LOL!

EVIE: Its so funny bc were actual experienced coders and everyone else just cannot dissasociate computers from reality
which is CRAZY. aside from that its kinda ok aside from the fact that they r doing java rn which is
SUCH A BAD IDEA like what??? java is NOT going to go well for us tbh bc its gonna be so much more code than doing
c++ :depressed emoji: they r also using dumb vs code instead of VS IDE like????
plus we gon hack into da finance and steal da moneyz and buy the whole brandy mellvile store bc we wild like that.

ME: Sooooooo true evie. U type just likje me this is so creeeepy! Theyre so stupid like just stop being gay

EVIE: we r actually extreme hacker who work on the deep web ALL THE TIME.
this guy just told me what the matrix is acting like he so smart ITS SOO FUNNY LOL.

ME: the MATRUX is Achually where bwasichally whatevre you think is threality and REALITHY ISNT RTHEAL!!!!!
like go back to getting the vps set up U effing nerd

EVIE: Goodbye everyone, I hope ur day/night is amazing and that u find happiness in life :heart emoji:

ME: Lol u are all gay thars the conclusion. im going to go drink 0 cal preworkout and BE STRONGT and workout for
3 hours straight and then continue to be better than all of u in every way humanly possible #getschooled u fatties. PEEACE!
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