HAAAPPYY HAALLOWEEN!!! noo pftt... of course i didn't put this blog up two days late... haha what are you talking about... i didn't put this blog up late! you're making things up! ugh you know you're always doing this. making up this situation... making up that situation, like really it isnt funny. BOOM #GASLIGHTED! no yeah this blog is put up late. sorry. i'm not really sorry, i mean it was halloween! don't i get holidays off? well whatever i was so busy on sunday anyways. i partied on saturday night, i drove straight from work to the party with little time to get ready. i actually ended up getting ready AT the party. it was chaotic to say the least.. there werent as many people like at all because some didnt go, others got grounded, and other reasons. yes i know i'm grounded. and yes i'm going to a halloween party. i know my ways around things! the entire time we were listening to loud music in this dark garage but it had purple and blue lights with cobwebs. we ended up exploring the woods for like 5 minutes in the dark before someone started screaming and we all came back inside. by the end of it i had ate all of the expensive fancy cheeses layed out, including the delicious orange colored punch. an hour before i left we were dancing to music in the kitchen, before everyone suddenly started russian dancing (???) I KNOW it confuses me too but at the time it seemed almost normal. we were laughing so much from russian dancing we ended up crying laughing on her kitchen floors. okay now fast forward to the actual halloween. i ended up walking around with friends at night and it was... interesting.. LOL. so my friend evie and i left and drove to food lion. it was like late at night and the aisles were empty and evie and i were just dancing and hanging out in the store. i had green hair and some joker makeup and there it was.... a 26 year old man dressed up as the joker in the aisle. they were literally the only people in the store. this middle aged dressed up joker and his mom picking up groceries. i asked to take a picture (HOW COULD I NOT? I WAS LITERALLY MATCHING HALLOWEEN OUTFITS WITH SOMEONE!) and then evie and i ran out of there. we ended up going to Sonic's (it's a slushie place that also sells a little bit of fast food, the actual kitchen is inside this tiny building but all of the seating is outside) and i got a small strawberry slushie while evie got a water. i felt really bad being the only one getting a drink and ended up barely drinking it. by the way at this point in time it is VERY late. evie and i drive back to her house and she shows me this supposedly "suuuper scary movie" but i was not phased. maybe it was because i was on my phone half the time, or maybe it was just the corny scenes. i got home extremely late and my dad wanted to kill me... the next day at school i felt like a zombie barely able to walk from class to class. i felt like passing out at work but i got through it. now fast forward to today, tuesday. i have no school today and well i woke up with a BUNCH of pimples. it's from the facepaint i used on sunday i think :( and then i absolutely PANICKED and realized oh my god my blog! on sunday i wasnt even home half the time, on monday i couldnt even remember to brush my teeth because of how tired i was, and today! well today i'm finishing the blog post. btw none of the cool things i ordered with my minimium wage paycheck came in. i might have to do a haul when they all come in but thatll be in the next couple weeks or so. good bye i love you all and i hope you guys had a great halloween! stay safe. ALSO: all of the stickers and things like that i use on my page ARE IRONIC...! it says "PROUD MOM" no no i'm not a mom lol... if you couldnt tell.