I AM SOOOO WOKE!!! READ ONE NIETZSCHE BOOK AND NOW I AM OFFIICIALLY WOKE! I AM A MARX LOVER I AM GOING TO BUY A BIKINI THAT HAS MARX WRITTEN ON IT. (notactually lololololol but i want this one bikini that says GOD FATHER HOLY SPIRIT but like the bottoms r kinda weird cuz they are tied up on the sides by these tiny little strings and i just KNOW with my bad luck the strings would def untie or something idk) stop ok. i also wrote a book in two (2) MF DAYS and it is 92 pages long. literraaaaaally bitch how! ITS WRITTEN ON PAPER TOO do u guys know how bad my hand hurt! i kind of liked it tho cuzi was like ahahahaha writer problems am i right normies wouldnt understand. i am nto showing anyone ever this book though because its literallylowkey so embarrassing it makes me feel like a crazy person but basically it was abt how nothing is truly real or like whatever and the perception of people can be manipulatedrlly easuly and like how if nothing isreal BUT god is real. NO i dont know i tied it back together, i only reread the sections as i wrote them because i am too lazy to read my own large ass notebook. also i did some rly impulsive decisions and like apiercing thingy i did myself at 7am in bathroom but it hurt so bad but its ok cuz it was fun. idk tbhhh i didnt REALLY want it or did i??? I DONT KNOW LOL WTF! Anyways... i didnt smash my phone but i genuinely almost did becayse after my mini awakening im like wait a minute SOCIAL MEDAI IS BAD THIS IS BAD INTERNET IS BAD so i smashed a random glass cup instead but i am too self aware to smash my phone. sorry. it wouldnt been soooooooooo cool (niotactually) to have actually smashed my phone and computer but NO i have to actually think like wow why. also i went last night and ran in the street at night (EDGY!!) without my phone or anything (got it taken away, im failing my classes CUZ IDFAG ABT ANYTHING) and basically i went out of my window and into the street barefoot cold and i just ran around and like spinned a lot idk i like spinning and i had this stupid fiona apple song play over and over in my head I DONT EVEN LIKE HER THAT MUCH!!@ and it was a busy road usually during the day but not at this time it was somewhere around 3:30am. i remember for a second jsut laying down in the middle of the road and staring at the sky and it was cool cuz it had like this mist stuff everywhere that looked like clouds lit up by the faint stars but then i heard a car and i got up and RAN SO FAST I GOT SOOO SCARD LOLOL. it was scary but i liked it idk it was fun. i think. i am honestly doing really bad im trying to not be obvious about it at all irl like im hiding it from my friends CUZ ITS SO EMBARRASSING like wtf am i supposed to do?? "Hi I am Doing So bad. Pity Me. " LIKE HELLLOOOOOOOOOOO.....? i will rant to this random blog instead where no one knowws who i am because it is better and i am better than to put all this onto someone irl. BUT YEAH every bad habit ive ever had like ever in my life?? RELAPSING! there is something so comforting abt just doing whatever i want and it just feels really free i dont know i like it. anyways im deleting my social medias and will NOT be on internet xept for this blog every sunday and for school work. this might help me make less bad decision, might not. ALSO THGANK YOU FOR ALMOST 2500 VISITS I LOVE U my little fans or hater idk prob haters still love u XOXO